HILL International CROATIA

Draskoviceva 40
HR-10000 Zagreb

The HILL Team

Your HILL Team in Vienna

Profit from a team that has international experience and a high level of professional and realisational competence!

International Team of over 200 experts
The HILL network is represented by 50 offices in more than 30 countries and employs 200 experts, including about 120 business psychologists.

High level of professional and realisational competence
Our team consists of different individuals that have one common goal: to support people and companies striving for success. In doing this our experts combine well-founded professional knowledge and tools proven in practice to create an ideal consultancy plan.

"A perfectly coordinated, international team is the guarantee for innovation and ideal results."
Elisabeth Leyser, Acting Partner , HILL International Headquarters

It is most important to us to satisfy and advise our clients to the highest degree. We are looking forward to your email or phone call!

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