HILL International CROATIA

Draskoviceva 40
HR-10000 Zagreb


In our press area you will find information about HILL International, which you can use without charge in connection with reports about HILL International.

We would also like to offer you our expert knowledge in the following areas:

  • Personnel: Recruiting, personnel planning, personnel development, coaching, audits etc.
  • Management: Management competence, strategy, leadership, organisation development etc.
  • Labour market: Trends, professional application, occupational (new) orientation, career etc.
  • CEE/SEE: Market development, intercultural competence, expansion and internationalisation, merger support etc.

We look forward to your inquiries and questions. Please contact:

Ms Melanie Harrer
Marketing Manager

Email:     harrer@hill.co.at
   +43 1 796 97 98-0
Fax:         +43 1 796 97 98-12

Material about the above stated themes are also available to you under the category articles.
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