HILL International CROATIA

Draskoviceva 40
HR-10000 Zagreb


The Senate of the Economy, a global community of values and think-tank composed of successful personalities from the fields of the economy, science and society, organizes political consulting in terms of common welfare. In order to solve important future issues, the Senate of the Economy holds a trustful dialogue with political decision-makers, introducing the competence of its members.

The award of the title of senator took place under the aegis of a discussion on the ongoing issue »The Future of East-West Integration«. Senate President Dr. Erhard Busek, Hans Harrer, Chairperson of the Senate of the Economy, and Dr. Othmar HILL discussed how Europe can win in the crisis all the same and where it will develop in the future. Busek sees the perspectives for Europe in a thoroughly optimistic way, »as long as we view the crisis as an opportunity and take it as an occasion to rethink our momentary situation and ensure suitable framework conditions«. For Senate Chairperson Hans Harrer »HILL International epitomizes an expanded Europe«.  »We need courage for expansion« said Harrer and emphasized that today it is more important than ever »to think outside the box«. Othmar Hill is convinced of his vision of East-West Integration: »When East and West grow together, completely new synergies will emerge from these different energies that must be utilized!«

The evening ended with a stimulating get-together, during which the topics were discussed in greater depth.

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