HILL International CROATIA

Draskoviceva 40
HR-10000 Zagreb

Quick and lasting results increase your business success
The HILL network is represented by 50 offices in more than 30 countries and employs 200 experts, including about 120 business psychologists. Our team is made up of the most varied individuals with one common goal: supporting persons and enterprises in their quest for success. HILL BEST FIT is available in 23 languages!

There are 200 HILL experts providing high-quality solutions
We have been providing our clients with more than "the usual" personnel consulting for over 35 years. As your human resource partner, we combine a shared and innovative approach with the specific needs of your company. Benefit from our scientific HILL methodology and longstanding experience in R&D!

"The significance of optimal human resources as a stabilising factor for your company increases decisively in times of discontinuity, of radical value transition and of job market dissolution. We wish to create awareness of the fact that organisations can only exist and grow through their employees. With the help of aptitude diagnostics, we are able to combine objectivity with lived benignity - thus discovering the full potential in individuals and organisations!"
Dr. Othmar Hill, Founder and President of HILL International

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